Rental Information

Lopez Kayaks has the largest selection of touring kayaks in the San Juan Islands. We have kayaks for all sizes and abilities. No experience is required to rent a kayak. We will make sure you are comfortable and confident with the equipment and your float plan before you leave the beach. Our goal is to provide you a safe, fun and memorable kayak adventure in the San Juan Islands.

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                                                            Kayak Rental Rates




Single Kayak
(Plastic hull, 9-12 ft. length, no rudder)single plastic
Touring Single
(Plastic hull, 12-15 ft. length, rudder, bulkheadssingl kayak
Fiberglass Touring
(Fiberglass hull, 16-19 ft. length, rudder, bulkheads)kayak single fiberglass
Double Kayak
(Plastic hull, 13-16 ft. length, no rudder)dobble kayak plastic
Touring Double

(Plastic hull, 16-18 ft. length, rudder, bulkheads)

Fiberglass Touring Double
(Fiberglass hull, 20+ ft. length, rudder,bulkheads)dobble kayak
Fiberglass Touring Triple
(Fiberglass hull, rudder, bulkheads)tripple kayak
$40.00 $80.00
Stand UP Paddle Board

$20.00 $50.00
 • Full Day: Due back by 10AM the following day.


Prices include all accessory equipment. Does not include apparel.